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The reader cannot possibly be more surprised at the
truth revealed in this volume than was the author, more
than 58 years ago. The WHOLE WORLD has been deceived,
as God's Word foretold! One deceived is not aware of the
deception! Don't underestimate Satan!
Humans, Cut Off from
One, reviewing the multiplied evils in the world today,
might think MAN has cut himself off from God. But it is
GoD who cut off mankind from him. And WHY?
Does that seem to make God appear unfair? Quite
the opposite!
Let us make that point clear. Adam, by choosing to
take of the forbidden tree, cut off himself and his family
after him from God. Yet because all humans born from
Adam have sinned, each human has in fact cut himself
off from God (Isa. 59:1-2).
The Person in the God family who spoke with
Adam was the
or "Word" who was later born as
Jesus Christ. Adam had no contact with God the
Father. When the WoRD closed the tree of life, all
mankind was cut off from God the Father until Christ
would come to earth in supreme power and glory to
take from Satan the throne of the earth and to restore
the government of God over the entire earth.
Meanwhile Christ, the second Adam, came at his first
appearing to
the existence of God the Father
(Luke 10:22). Until that time, the world had no
knowledge of the existence of God the Father. That is
one reason the religion of Judaism had believed that
God consists of ONE PERSON ONLY. That is the reason
theologians have lost, or rather never possessed,
knowledge of the fact GoD is a FAMILY into which we
may be born as part of that very God family. That,
also, explains why, on reading in the New Testament