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resurrection of all who died in Adam has been a mystery
to the whole world deceived by Satan. Even today
traditional Christianity celebrates the resurrection of
Jesus on the pagan Easter every spring, but says nothing
about the future resurrection of the billions who have
died in Adam. That resurrection will be explained later
in this volume.
Meanwhile, when Christ should come as humani–
ty's sinbearer, he would found the Church of God. The
purpose and function of the Church will be fully covered
in Chapter 6 of this book.
Pause right here! Understand what Satan has
blinded the entire world from seeing. Realize what a
deceived traditional Christianity has not understood.
This is of supreme importance!
The world of traditional Christianity has been
deceived into supposed Christian teaching of the
immortality of the soul, of those who "profess Jesus"
going immediately upon death into a heaven of eternal
idleness, freedom from responsibility and bliss in ease
and laziness; in those who fail to "accept Jesus" going at
death to a definite place of eternal continuous burning
fire called hell where they shriek and scream in
indescribable pain and agony forever and ever without
The teaching has been that man is an immortal soul
and already has eternal life. It denies (Rom. 6:23) that
the penalty for sin is death and that man can have
eternal life only as the gift of God. The false traditional
Christianity teaching might be compared to taking a
one-way railroad trip. This trip is your life's journey. At
the end of the line a switch is automatically set that will
send you straight to a lasting burning hell of
indescribable pain and torture. But if, at any time
during life's journey, you profess to "accept Christ," the