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The Mystery of Man
years, until the second Adam, Jesus Christ, after 6,000
years should return to earth in supreme power and glory
to unseat Satan from his throne and to rule all nations of
The first man Adam had been given the
opportunity to choose God's government, to restore that
government to the earth, and to unseat Satan from the
throne of the earth. Since he failed, salvation cannot be
opened to humanity generally, until Jesus Christ, the
second Adam, has accomplished what the first Adam
failed to do-namely, to unseat Satan and to sit on the
throne of the earth, restoring the government of God to
this earth.
The closing of the tree of life from the human
family marked the foundation of the present world still
ruled invisibly by Satan. How, then, was God going to
accomplish his purpose? At that very foundation of this
world it was determined by God that the Word would be
born on earth as the sacrificial lamb of God to redeem
mankind from the rule of Satan the kidnapper (Rev.
But how, then, was God ever to accomplish his
purpose of reproducing himself through the humans to
be born during that next 6,000 years?
Salvation Through Resurrection
At that very foundation of Satan's world it was also
decreed (Heb. 9:27) that God had appointed that all
humans should die once, and after that, by resurrection
from the dead, would come the judgment. Meanwhile
mankind as a whole would not as yet be brought to
judgment-neither condemned nor saved.
was at that
time decided that as in Adam all humans should die, so
in Christ the same "all" should be brought back to life
by a resurrection to judgment (I Cor. 15:22). This very