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the spirit of vanity. The university student is induced to
think of himself as becoming a professional-that is, he
considers himself elevated above those who have not had
his brand of education. Through the basic concept of the
evolutionary theory, he feels himself completely above
those who believe in God and the Lord Jesus Christ. He
regards them with disdain.
Salvation Closed Off
Upon Adam's making this fateful and fatal decision,
(Gen. 3:22-24) from the
world sired by Adam, for 6,000 years. That is, except in
the case of chosen prophets for the writing of the Bible,
and of the Church called out of this world by Jesus
Christ. But even Jesus said plainly: "No man can come
to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him"
(John 6:44).
God thereupon, at the very fm.ndation of this
world, laid out a 7,000-year master plan for accomplish–
ing his purpose.
It was Satan who deceived Eve. Adam then sinned
deliberately in partaking of the forbidden fruit. The
whole world since has been deceived (Rev. 12:9).
Let us pause here momentarily. Let us realize this
was the very foundation of the world in which we still
live. At this point, Satan must have gloated. He must
have believed God was defeated-that God through
Adam had failed to overthrow Satan's rule on the throne
of the earth.
But God says, "My purpose shall stand."
God's 7,000-year plan will accomplish God's
purpose in overwhelming and magnificent glory.
Understand this point, which has been a mystery to
the world. When God closed off the tree of life, he closed
off the redemption and salvation of mankind for 6,000