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Ruler-rejecting God as the source of revealed BASIC
KNOWLEDGE. He believed and followed Satan's WAY!
Adam's World Sentenced
When God "drove out the man" from the Garden of
Eden, and barred reentrance-lest be go back and
receive eternal life
in sin
(Gen. 3:22-24)-God
God said, in effect: "You have made the decision for
yourself and the world that shall spring from you. You
have rejected me as the basic source of knowledge-you
have rejected power from me through my Spirit to live
the righteous way-you have rebelled against my
command and my government-you have chosen the
'GETTING,' 'TAKING' way of Satan. Therefore I sentence
you and the world you shall beget to 6,000 years of being
cut off
from access to me and my Spirit-except for the
exceedingly FEW I shall specially call. And that FEW shall
be called for special service preparatory for the kingdom
of God. They shall be required to do what you have
failed to do-reject, resist and overcome Satan and his
WAYS, and follow the ways of my spiritual LAW.
"Go, therefore, Adam, and all your progeny that
shall form the world, produce your own fund of
knowledge. Decide for yourself what is good and what is
evil. Produce your own educational systems and means
of disseminating knowledge, as your god Satan shall
mislead you. Form your own concepts of what is god,
your own religions, your own governments, your own
life-styles and forms of society and civilization. In all
this Satan will deceive your world with his attitude of
SELF-centeredness-with vanity, lust and greed, jealousy
and envy, competition and strife and violence and wars,
rebellion against me and my law of LOVE.
"After the world of your descendants has written