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The Mystery of Man
He would have received the Holy Spirit of God to
unite with his human spirit. The man was not mentally
or spiritually complete until receiving the Spirit of God.
This would have united him, mentally and spiritually,
with God. He would have been begotten as a child of
God, just as is the converted Spirit-begotten Christian.
He would have received the Holy Spirit of God to
join with his human spirit, begetting him as a son of
God, imparting to him the earnest of immortal life, and
making him at one with God.
As in the case of the Spirit-begotten Christian
today, where "Christ in [us is] the hope of glory" (Col.
1:27). And again, the mind of Christ is in us (Phil. 2:5),
so the very mind of the Eternal would have been in
Adam. But instead the mind and attitude of Satan
entered into him and worked in him, even as it has in all
his children that have composed this whole world. We
read in Ephesians 2:2, that Satan, as prince of the power
of the air, does indeed actually work within humans.
At this juncture, we explain a point that might be
misunderstood. In the temptation by Satan, Eve was
deceived, but Adam was not (I Tim. 2:13-14). Adam
disobeyed God and sinned deliberately. But even
though he was not deceived in this original temptation,
his deliberate disobedience of God's explicit command
cut him off from God, producing a state of mental
perversion and opening his mind to the deceptions of
Satan. From that moment, Adam and all his children
after him were receptive to the sway of Satan. Satan
began to work in the mind of Adam, even as God would
have worked in his mind had he taken of the tree of
A World Held Captive
Thus, from that moment, Satan had spiritually