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and performed an operation, removing a rib and forming
a woman from it. They became one family. The physical
creation of man was completed. They could reproduce
their kind.
But the man God created was mortal. He had only a
temporary physicochemical existence kept alive by
circulation of blood, oxidized by the breath of air, and
fueled by food and water from the ground. He did not
have LIFE inherent-self-containing life. But he did have
a human spirit that, united with God's Holy Spirit,
could beget him with eternal life.
Immortal Life Offered
But God offered to him immortal LIFE through this
symbolic tree of LIFE. God did not urge or compel him to
take it-he merely made it freely accessible. Adam
could eat of all the trees of the garden except the one
forbidden tree, of "the knowledge of good and evil."
What if Adam had taken of the tree of LIFE? You
probably never heard that question answered. That
symbolic tree is offered today to those called and drawn
by God to Jesus Christ. There is one difference between
the original Adam and the called Christian. Adam had
not yet
no repentance was necessary if he
had chosen the tree of life. Otherwise the repentant and
believing Spirit-begotten Christian is
the same
position Adam would have been had he taken of the tree
of life.
Adam would have received the Holy Spirit of the
immortal God to join with his human spirit. Of course,
since Adam was required to make a choice, he would
have rejected the way of Satan by taking the tree of
But again, what would have happened, had Adam
taken the tree of life?