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The Mystery of Man
summary of God's instruction to them is revealed. Satan
was restrained from any contact with them until God
first had taught them.
The Two Symbolic Trees
In the gloriously beautiful garden of Eden in which God
placed them were two very special symbolic trees. Little
has been heard about these trees and their tremendous
significance, except what most people have heard about
"Adam's apple." The forbidden tree, however, probably
was not an apple tree.
The real significance of these two symbolic trees
explains the very foundation of the world. In them is the
answer to the great mystery of our time in this modern
twentieth century. Today we live in a world of awesome
progress and advancement, yet paradoxically of
appalling evils. The baffling question today is, Why
cannot the minds that can learn to fly to the moon and
back, transplant hearts, produce computers and
technological marvels, solve their own problems? Why
no peace in the world?
We cannot understand the mystery of today's
events and conditions unless we go back to the very
foundation of the world, and learn what developed from
its origin to the pulsating, confused present.
The world began at the time of these two special
trees. We hear virtually nothing in the biblical
misteaching of today about the tree of life, and almost
nothing about the forbidden tree.
But now consider. God had created a man out of the
dust of the ground. But God creates in dual stages. The
man was not yet physically complete. God wanted him
to "multiply and replenish the earth." But the man
could not do that because he was not yet physically
complete. So God put him into a deep sleep (anesthesia)