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Author's Statement
subject properly put together, as the Bible itself says,
"here a little, and there a little" (Isa. 28:10). Even the
world of a professed traditional Christianity has been
I have often said it is much more difficult to un–
learn an erroneous supposed truth than it is to learn a
new truth. Even in these past 58 years I had not fully
and clearly realized the significance of the fact revealed
in Genesis 3:22-24-that, in fact, God had closed the
Holy Spirit and eternal life to mankind in general until
the removal of Satan at the Second Coming of Jesus
Christ. Traditional Christian teaching had always
assumed there is a contest between God and Satan
-that God has been trying desperately to "get the
world saved," but in this great controversy Satan has
been winning. In other words, God had sent Jesus Christ
at his First Coming
try to win this ongoing war
against Satan. Traditional Christianity has taught that
"whosoever will may come" and be "saved" through
For some years I had come to partially realize the
error of this assumption, but the full truth on this point
had not come crystal clear to me until very recently.
This truth is indeed mind-boggling. It clears what had
been clouded in mystery.
is hoped that this book, written since God's time
for it has come, will open many eyes to the truth of these
long-hidden mysteries.
And now, in my 93rd year, I have been led to write
this book before this event-packed life ends,
with as many as care to know, the answers that the great
supreme mind of God reveals in his Word-if one is only
willing to understand that Word.