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God hath prepared for them that love him" (verse
9)-spiritual knowledge.
The natural mind can receive knowledge of
material and physical things. Also it can have a sense of
morality, ethics, art, culture not possessed by the dumb
animals. But in the realm of good and evil it can know
and perform what is good only on the human level, made
possible by the human spirit within man. But this sense
and performance of good is limited to the human level of
the human spirit that is innately selfish.
can possess
and express love on the human level, but without the
Holy Spirit of God it cannot possess or express love on
the God level, nor can it acquire knowledge of that
which is spiritual, as revealed in I Corinthians 2.
Only God Reveals
"But God hath revealed them [spiritual things] unto us
by his Spirit ... " (verse 10). Notice particularly
spiritual knowledge is not revealed by a Person called
the Holy Spirit. It is revealed by God, and to us today
through God's Spirit, which may be received only as
God's gift through his mercy and grace. God is the
revealer. The Holy Spirit is the instrumentality by
which we may comprehend that which only God can
"For what man knoweth the things of a man, save the
spirit of man which is in him? ..." (verse 11).
the Holy
Spirit is the third Person of a Trinity, then is not the spirit
in man also another man? Acow, sheep or dog cannot know
the things a
knows-and neither could a man, except
by the spirit of man that is
him. For example, such
knowledge as chemistry, physics and technological and
scientific knowledge. Likewise, the natural man with this
one spirit is
so the things of God knoweth
no man, but the Spirit of God."