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human spirit in man that makes it possible for man to be
united with God, so that man may be begotten of God by
God's Spirit uniting with the human spirit, thus
impregnating the human person as a child of the
Supreme Creator God.
The real value of a human life, then, lies solely within
the human spirit combined with the human brain.
should be stated at once that this human spirit is not
perceived by the most highly educated psychologists,
yet it is the very essence of the human
The Soul Can Die
The Creator's book reveals, contrary to fallible
humanist teaching, that man was made from the dust of
the ground, and this dust thus becomes soul,
mortal-like all vertebrates. Man has continued to
accept the first lie in human history-Satan's lie to
mother Eve that man is immortal and cannot die.
The soul is merely the breathing animal. All
animals are biblically called "souls"-in Hebrew,
Therefore, if man is a soul as in Genesis 2:7, so
also are the dumb animals. But there is a human spirit
the human soul.
This human spirit does not impart human life.
Human life, like that of all vertebrates, comes from
blood circulation, oxidized by the breath of air. But God
reveals there is a spirit within every human. This spirit
is not present in animals. The human spirit empowers
the human brain with intellect-with ability to acquire
knowledge, to think, reason, make decisions, produce
attitudes of good or evil.
Human and animal brain are alike. Human mind
superiority comes not from superior brain, but from the
presence of human spirit within the human brain.
Animal brain is supplied with instinct, not intellect.