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The Mystery of Man
PURPOSE, DESIGN, MEANING that is hidden from the
self-professed scholarly. I found revealed the reason for
mounting evils in a progressive world.
Can the human, who has been designed, created
and made, say to his Maker, "WHY did you make me
thus?-and for what PURPOSE?" And can he instruct his
Maker? Should he not, rather, open his mind, and listen
when his Maker reveals to him the very reason for his
The Creator reveals and instructs in a highly coded
book, the Holy Bible. Its profound message is opened to
human understanding through the presence and
in-dwelling of the Holy Spirit injected into the human
mind that has surrendered and yielded completely to
the revelation in belief and obedience. To such a one the
TRUTH is made plain-wonderful beyond description.
But mark well this question! Think on this!
had only the physical brain, like the dumb vertebrates,
how could the great Spirit God inject into the animal
brain these marvelous spiritual truths? The answer is
plain. God does not. The dumb animals have no
awareness of God or of spiritual knowledge.
But the human spirit in mortal man makes possible
a direct contact from the great Spirit God. There is no
direct channel of communication between the dumb
animal brain and the mind of the Supreme God.
Meditate on this. We humans sometimes speak of
how wonderfully God made man, with his brain and the
marvelous physical components of his body all
functioning together. But without this spirit, imparting
the power of intellect to the brain and also opening a
channel of direct communication with the mind of the
Great God, man would be no more than the dumb
brutes. But with the spirit in man, man's creation
becomes all the more awesome to contemplate. It is this