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The Mystery of Man
almost as large. Yet the output of the human brain is
indescribably greater. Few indeed know wuv!
Many passages of Scripture show that there is a
man. Spirit is
matter, and man is matter.
To distinguish it from God's Holy Spirit,
designate it
as the "human" spirit. Nevertheless, it is spirit and not
This "human" spirit imparts the power of intellect
to the human physical brain. The spirit cannot see, hear,
taste, smell or feel. The
sees through the eye, hears
through the ear, etc. The "human" spirit cannot of itself
think. The physical brain thinks.
What, then, is the function of this "human" spirit?
is NOT a "soul." But, 1) it imparts the power of
intellect-of thinking, and of MIND power, to the human
brain; and 2) it is the very means God has instilled,
making possible a personal relationship between human
MAN and divine Gon.
What Is the Real Value of a Human Life?
Philosophers, humanists, speak loftily of human worth as
of supreme value in itself. They speak of the "god" within
you-of tapping the innate hidden resources within
yourself. They teach SELF-reliance, self-glorification.
They are smugly ignorant and unaware of the TRUE
VALUES and the incredible but real human potential.
Human life is at once of infinitesimally less value
than they suppose, and at the same time of supremely
greater potential than they know.
Real truth is revealed. Unless revealed it remains a
mystery, utterly unknown to the deceived and vain
repeat, Jesus said in prayer:
thee, 0 Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because thou
hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and
revealed them unto babes" (Matt. 11:25).