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Time may prove this to be the most important book
written in almost 1,900 years. Not because of literary
excellence or flowery language of scholarship that it has
purposely avoided, but because of its plainness of
speech in clarifying the most important knowledge ever
revealed from the supreme source of understanding of
that which has mystified all humans since man first
appeared on earth.
This world's humanity has been blinded to who,
what and why man is-how man appeared on earth.
Man has been mystified by his inability to solve his
problems, or find answers to the perplexing questions of
mankind and the world he inhabits.
All these mysteries were long ago revealed by the
one supreme authority of all knowledge, but in a coded
message not allowed to be revealed and decoded until
our time.
The Church was infiltrated during the first century
with another gospel. Many false teachings and false
churches under the name of "traditional Christianity"
arose. As God reveals in Revelation 12:9, the whole
world has been deceived. These basic truths have been
kept a mystery. Even sincere and well-meaning men
among the clergy have received their teaching from
other men as handed down traditionally in these
churches. They have assumed these false teachings to be
the true teachings of the Bible. Instead of putting the
various pieces of the jigsaw puzzle properly and sensibly
together, it has become the practice and custom to read
an already-believed false teaching into each particular
scripture, taken out of its context. In other words to
interpret the scriptures to say what they have already
been taught and come to believe. The Bible needs no
interpretation because it interprets itself. This becomes
clear when one sees the various scriptures of each