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in the water, the animal life. In the Hebrew in which
Moses wrote, the vertebrates are called
verses 20, 21, 24. The translators correctly rendered
in these three verses into the English words
"living creatures." Yet in Genesis 2:7, speaking of
man, the same word
was translated "soul"
because the translators falsely thought that only
humans are souls. The word
literally means
"life of animals," referring to physical life and not
Once again the earth was a perfect, but as yet
unfinished, creation-lacking the finishing touches.
As was written earlier, God creates in dual stages.
This might be compared to baking a cake. First the basic
cake comes from the oven. But it is not complete until
the second stage is added-the icing on the cake. This
beautifies, enriches and completes the cake.
God placed Lucifer and his angels on the earth. But
he intended them to complete the creation by putting
on, as it were, the finishing touches to beautify, improve
and enrich the earth. But the angels sinned, resulting in
bringing chaos, confusion and darkness
this planet.
Now God renewed the face of the earth for
made to become in the character image of God and also
in the likeness or form and shape of God. And God
intended man to complete the finishing touches by
improving and beautifying the earth-putting, as it
were, the icing on the cake, to have man's part in the
final creation of the earth. Instead, man has ruined,
polluted, defiled, deteriorated almost every portion of
the earth his hands have touched or acted upon.
The Purpose of Man on Earth
did the Creator God put
on the earth? For
God's ultimate supreme purpose of reproducing