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The Mystery of Man
questions of WHO and WHAT is Goo. And we find God is
quite REAL. God is more than one single person-God is
a family-God is the supreme divine family-he is the
Creator of all that is, and he has an ultimate PUR–
POSE-the creation of perfect, holy, righteous and
spiritual CHARACTER, in MAN made immortal, to become
part of that God family.
So the presence of MAN on the earth must have a
definite relation to the PURPOSE of Goo the Creator.
With these basically important questions and
statements we must ask,
all the evils in today's
sick and chaotic world? This world now faces, with no
solution, its number one problem-the question of
HUMAN SURVIVAL! Can human life on earth survive even
through the short remainder of this twentieth century?
Can humanity survive both the population explosion
and the nuclear power his mind has produced that can
annihilate that entire population?
Consider now what has been covered about God's
PURPOSE for the angels that sinned on earth. For that
angelic rebellion leads directly to God's PURPOSE for
MAN-to our question of WHAT and WHY is MAN?
Earth's Face in Devastation
Instead of improving, beautifying, completing earth's
creation, the sinning angels brought it to desolation and
Come now to Genesis 1:1-2: "In the beginning God
created the heavens [RSV] and the earth. And the earth
was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the
face of the deep...."
The original Hebrew for "without form, and void"
and bohu-meaning "waste, ':iesolate, deterio–
rated." The word
is also translated "became." Thus
possibly after millions of years, all had come to be