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shy away or stand up and fight. Of the questions WHAT
and WHY is man, they are willingly ignorant!
So, education shuts its mind, and its mouth in tight
silence. Science doesn't know. Religion does not reveal,
for it also doesn't know!
Yes, incredible-but TRUE!
God Enters the Picture
WHY this willful ignorance? Because Goo is involved.
Satan is hostile against God. Satan sits on the throne of
this earth and has blinded the minds of the intellectuals
as well as all other levels of society. Consider, for a
moment, the most highly trained mind with several
letters of advanced degrees following his name. He is
highly trained in certain specific areas in which he has
extensive, complicated and intricate knowledge. But ask
him about some area of knowledge outside his
specialized field and he is as much in ignorance as those
who are lacking in the more advanced labyrinths of
The primary divisions of this world's civilization–
government, religion, education and science, technology,
industry-all shy away from Goo. They want Goo to
keep his nose out of their affairs! The mention of God
embarrasses them.
This ignorance cannot be explained except by the
invisible and unaware influence of the supernatural evil
power of Satan the devil and the unseen demoniacal
spirit beings. When we read in Revelation 12:9 that all
the world has been deceived by Satan, it does not
exclude those of advanced intellect. Jesus Christ
thanked God that the real truths are hidden from the
wise and prudent and revealed to those who are babes in
materialistic knowledge.
In the first chapter of this book we have covered the