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Mystery of Angels and Evil Spirits
And that is why God put man on the earth!
That is
what caused God to do this most colossal, tremendous
thing ever undertaken by the supreme, almighty
God-to reproduce himselfl The following chapter will
make this undeniably clear.
One last important comment before ending this
chapter. God's supreme overall purpose is to create,
even to the extent of reproducing himself, and also
that God must reign supreme over all his creation.
Apparently God has chosen this earth to become his
universe headquarters, and the seat of even the supreme
throne of God. (See I Corinthians 15:24.) But Satan had
overthrown the government of God on the earth. Now
God purposed to restore his government over the earth
through man, created in the image of God and finally to
become part of the God family. We should heed Paul's
admonition not to be ignorant of Satan's existence, or of
his devices, nor let him get an advantage of us (II Cor.
2:11). Our supremely important purpose will be made
clear in following chapters.
You have heard the saying about "good news and bad
news." The latter part of this chapter has given you the
bad news. The good news is God's purpose through
mankind and the fact that the two thirds of the angels
who are holy and righteous outnumber the demons and
remain as God's invisible agents to minister to and help
in the righteous character development of the myriad of
humans who shall yet become the sons and heirs of the
Supreme God and members of the great God family.