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aggression and violence to attempt to depose God and
seize the throne of the UNIVERSE.
As long as Lucifer remained loyal and administered
the GOVERNMENT OF GOD faithfully, this earth was filled
with wonderful and perfect PEACE. The angels were
vigorously HAPPY to the extent of JOY! The law of God's
government is THE WAY OF LIFE that CAUSES and produces
peace, happiness, prosperity and well-being. Sin is the
wAY OF LIFE that has
all existing EVILS.
The penalty of sin by the angels was
God had made them immortal spirit beings who cannot
die. What God gave them was THIS EARTH as their abode
and opportunity to qualify to possess and beautify the
entire UNIVERSE.
Their penalty (they are still awaiting final
judgment up to now) was disqualification-forfeiture of
their grand opportunity, perversion of mind, and
colossal earthwide CATACLYSM
of destruction
wreaked upon this earth.
As a result, the earth came to the condition briefly
described in Genesis 1:2. Lucifer was created a perfect
bringer of LIGHT. Now he became author of DARKNESS,
error, confusion and evil.
So the rebellion of the angels that sinned (II Pet.
2:4-6; Jude 6-7; Isa. 14:12-15; Ezek. 28:12-17) brought
this extreme cataclysm to the earth.
How must God have looked at this situation after
the colossal debacle of Lucifer and the angels that
LUCIFER was created the most perfect in beauty,
mentality, knowledge, power, intellect and wisdom
within the almighty power of God to create in a being,
with power to think, reason, make choices and decisions
on his own. God knew that no higher, more perfect being
could be created as an initial creation.