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These intellectual thinkers had become aware of
the increasing knowledge about the universe. They
could not square this expanding knowledge with the
religious teaching of their time. My researches into the
thinking of the founders of the evolutionary theory
recalled to mind what I then read in the eighth chapter
of the Psalms-how King David, a monarch of an
ancient nation, looked at the stars in the sky, noted the
expansion of the vast universe and began to think. He
wondered in his mind, what was he? What was man-in
the vast expansion of the endless universe? I found that
this ancient king had never received the full answer to
the questions that plagued his mind. But I was later to
discover, in my same research, how the final answer was
revealed to the apostle Paul and explained in the second
chapter of the book of Hebrews. I was determined to
find absolute proof of the existence of God and of the
authority of the Bible, or to reject both. Most people, I
realized, accept or reject a belief on careless assumption
due to whatever they have heard, been taught, or
assumed without proof. I wanted to understand. And I
wanted to be sure on positive proof, not on careless
assumption or wishful thinking.
After many months of virtually night-and-day
intensive study, the answers were revealed to me with
proof that was positive and absolute.
No longer was the existence of God taken carelessly
for granted because I had always heard it or been taught
it. I found absolute and positive proof of the existence of
the Supreme Creator God and also of the absolute
authority of the Holy Bible as the Word of God-the
revealed message and knowledge of God for mankind.
I found the Bible to be a coded book, with answers
to the paramount mysteries confronting all humanity.
The revelation of these mysteries was lost, even