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(Exod 20:8) Give simple proof that the Sabbath is to be kept.


  1. Mark 2:27-28 - The Sabbath was made specifically for man, and Christ is the Lord of the Sabbath, not some other day.
  2. Genesis 2:1-3 - It was made by Christ at the same time that man was made, and set it apart as holy time for all mankind forever.
  3. Exodus 16 - Israel had lost the knowledge of the Sabbath in Egyptian slavery and God showed them which day it was by means of a special miracle and reemphasized the importance of keeping it holy.
  4. Exodus 20:8-11 - God commanded all men to remember the Sabbath forever as one of the cardinal points of His spiritual law.
  5. Luke 4:16 - Jesus kept the Sabbath Day.
  6. Acts 17:2 - Paul, the apostle to the Gentiles, also kept the Sabbath.
  7. Isaiah 66:23 - The Sabbath will be kept in the future when God’s Kingdom will be ruling on the earth.
    • * From this we see that the Sabbath was made for man at the time man was made, that it was given before Israel was given the Ten Commandments, it is one of the Ten Commandments, Jesus kept it, Paul kept it, and it will be kept in the Millennium when

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